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Otilia Paredes

Evolutionary Life & Business Coach

Otilia was born in Peru, and currently lives in Peru. She spent 8 years in the U.S., where she was trained in leadership, and coached people to achieve extraordinary results in their lives. She is committed to the evolution of her family, city, country and the world.

Some of her achievements are: a BS in Nutrition from the National University of San Agustin; Arequipa Peru, a Masters in Business Administration from University Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Lima Peru. She also spent 3 years as an entrepreneur in the health and anti-aging business.

Her passion in life is basketball, which she has played since she was ten years old. She had the honor to play for Peru’s national team, and has been a basketball coach for 20 years. She applies the same thing that she learned in all of her coaching: bringing the best out of each player, empowering them to play full out and live a radical life. Nothing excites Otilia more than to plant a seed with a person and watch them grow to produce remarkable results in their lives. She believes that the sport is a tool for the realization of a human being.Otilia also has a certification as a Pranic Healer and is a student of Emotional Freedom Technique and the Hoponopono Healing technique.

Her life purpose is to create a world where peace and love are present and everyone can realize their full potential, live their passions, and have anything they really want. She considers herself capable of creating magic, miracles and inspiring people wherever she goes.

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