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Dale Kershner
Intuitive Life Coach

I am a Coach always.

I do not turn it off and on. I am clear about my roll, walking around on this planet.

I generally do not suffer fools lightly or for very long. I expect great things from people. I tend to get impatient with people who are given the solutions and yet won’t take the actions to make a change. And then continue to complain.

I give everything I have to bring about the dreams and desires for my clients. If they are too comfortable with their misery and unwilling to release it, I generally bring things to a close.

I am not the kind of coach that will get on the phone and listen to folks complain about their lives week after week. I generally will listen once to let you vent, then we will go right to work to alter the situation. If someone wants a weekly complaint or bitch session, they can call their friends.

I love working with people who are up to something and are interested in having a committed partner fighting for their future right along side.


Global Freedom, LLC (Carolina Aramburo Coaching) – Director of Organizational Projects, Lead Coach and Owner

  • Accountable for training of all company coaches
  • Accountable for client acquisition
  • Responsible for Sales Training
  • Key Contact for Large Organization Projects

One World Media

  • Publishing company focused on advertising in and to the Gay community
  • OWM offered advertising in periodicals, Internet, social media and many other venues

China National Petroleum/Choice Hotels International

  • Engaged by Choice Hotels International to negotiate a contract for a joint venture in China to build $300 million dollars worth of hotel properties. Took ten days to successfully create a memorandum of understanding to complete the project

Business Development Group 

  • Founded this company to create a small collection of consultants to take on business consulting both domestic and international

Advanced Navigation and Positioning, Corp

  • Contracted by the Stockholders to keep the Board members from going to jail for misappropriation of Federal grant funds. The result was no jail and an extension on the original $3.2 million grant to a $7.5 million grant
  • Became a contract CEO for ANPC and sold the first of their landing systems after 12 years of R&D to the Philippines for $3.7 million. Sold one of the systems to the Honduran government for $1.5 million

Yakima Trailer

  • Contracted by the stockholders of Yakima Trailer to do an assessment of the viability of the company. The results were to liquidate the company for their assets

Columbia Trailer Manufacturing

  • Served as interim CFO for CTM until we could hire and train a new permanent CFO
  • Designed the manufacturing flow for the new Truck body to be manufactured
  • Implemented projection and budget structures to ensure the growth and longevity of the company

Citifor, Inc.

  • Contracted to collaborate with Price Waterhouse accounting to supply, install, maintain and design the automated computer system for the US operation of Citifor
  • Engaged to provide cultural training to their Chinese staff and design their financial reporting systems


  • Contracted to establish the US branch of Square of Japan’s operation. Primary role was cultural education and systems implementation

K-Line International

  • Engaged to train and mold their new US operation President
  • At his disposal 24/7 for two years until he was ready to move forward on his own
  • Prepared all correspondence and documentation in preparation for the New York board meeting
  • Developed the business plan for the US operations
  • Negotiated three Union contracts during this time

Coastal Trailer Repair

  • Engaged to design a proprietary software program for CTR
  • Stayed on for four years providing business guidance and systems design


BA Rhetoric and Communication – University of Oregon

Public Speaker and Seminar Leader training – Landmark Education

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