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Zanzibar Vermiglio

Master Business Coach & Consultant

My heart sings the most in life around human endeavor and accomplishment. Of course, I like to play and win big games myself. However, my best talent lies in causing the success of others. My favorite thing in life is when a person perseveres against great or impossible odds to make something happen in the world. I am inspired by such people. I want to be like them. I want everyone to be like them. I love when people are in awe of themselves for the purpose they bring to life around them.

I had a talent for reverse-engineering results from a young age. My first business was a computer gaming business that a friend and I created together in high school outside of Detroit, MI. I skipped college, moved to Colorado where I found myself managing my own staff for Hughes Aircraft Space & Aeronautics Division by the time I was 19. From there I collaborated with friends to create a multi-million dollar technology company in under six months. All of this was before my 21st birthday.

I then turned my attention toward training and developing others. I spent ten years designing and leading personal and corporate seminars on Effectiveness, Relationships, Human Dynamics, Integrity, Purpose-Orientation, and more. I led programs to over 20,000 people and trained over 300 public speakers. I have personally coached many executives in the Fortune 500 and Fortune 50.

For the last nine years I have found great passion in reverse-engineering business results though strategic design and directed implementation. I have been the catalyst for at least doubling revenue while quadrupling profit for over fifty straight companies. My clients would say that I bring a keen insight into the cause of business results, a no-nonsense approach where the truth is always told, and a deeper understanding of heart and spirit.

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