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For those of us searching for the most graceful coach to help our beloved ones who are in the process of passing away, to do so graciously and kindly.

We recommend our coaching partner, Patricio Vegas. Patricio will take care of your loved one in the most gracious and kindest way possible.

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Patricio Vegas

Ever since he was a young child, Patricio knew he had a unique gift. He could sense when a person is about to pass away. And he knows how to be with them all the way to their final moments. He assisted his grandmother and great-grandmother to transition. In 2014, Patricio had a near-death experience of his own. After a serious accident left him hospitalized, he decided to elevate his spirituality.

Patricio embraced a vegetarian diet and stopped drinking alcohol. He also partnered with Dr Veronica Palomino, and together they work to build up their intuition. Today, Patricio has an extraordinary life with his husband Michael, a playwright. They live in San Diego with his parents and their puppy, Mathilde.

By talking with experts and spiritual guides, he found that he can be a medium, a chanel for people to transition smoothly into their next life -- with no fear. Since then he has sharpened his intuitive power. Last year alone, he supported nine people to transition.

He offers to be with them at the start of their journey to the next world. A consultation with Patricio brings peace and harmony to families, because they can rest assured that their loved one is in good hands.
He travels around the globe and can be physically present at anyone’s bedside. He also communicates by phone and video.

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