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Would you like to Make a Difference for someone in Urgent Need ?

  • When giving back to those in URGENT need, it's CRUCIAL to be clear about exactly what we do. Given that Carolina Aramburo Charities is International and donates to MANY different causes that make a difference for humanity, below is a detailed list describing SOME of the majority of our recent initiatives that WE would love your help/participation in. Carolina Aramburo Charities provides for and serves people Cochabamba (Carolina's home city) , LaPaz , Peru and the United States. A few of our charitable projects include :

  • Our famous food run, every Friday (year round) in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, led by Ruth Jordan, and delivered by our 3 volunteers and 1 employee. Carolina Aramburo Charities FEEDS the homeless, the sick in the streets, cripples, and drug addicted teenagers gathering around the cities parks and city streets.

  • We Provide Education in private universities to selected young people in disadvantaged and difficult situations and we give partial scholarships for private schools for children in difficult situations (from tragedies such as loss of their parents who were suddenly unable to continue to pay for their education)
  • Delivering food, medicine and basic shelter for abandoned and abused dogs in the streets
  • Contributing for urgent necessary medical treatments for Children in poor public/state hospitals.
  • Providing Elder care for very bright/talented elderly people who have been abandoned by their families and suffer from degenerative diseases.
  • Carolina personally goes out alone 2 Fridays a month to feed the homeless in South Florida.
  • Carolina and her Master Coaches provide FREE Consulting to Leaders of other Charity Projects around the World.
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