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Carolina Aramburo

CEO / Founder / Master Life & Business Coach Who WALKS the TALK

For those of you that don’t know me, coaching people in large groups and one on one, is what I have been doing and continue doing, in one methodology or another (including but not limited to Silva, that of Jim Rohn , and my own) since 1991.

In 1999 I began coaching people in Landmark Education inside of various leadership roles. In the years that I was leading the Landmark Forum I led alongside the best master coaches in the world (in my opinion and in the opinion of a little over a million people, around the world). The Landmark Forum itself, for those of you who are not graduates, is formatted as a weekend Seminar with approximately 150 people attending, all over the world, in more than 128 cities around the globe.

My experience, training and unspeakable privilege of coaching people prior to and since leading the Landmark Forum has allowed for me to have access to the utmost training and practice for years. It also absolutely gives me the confidence to coach anyone in anything, under any circumstance and have his or her success from my coaching a forgone conclusion.

* Developing and Training Leaders to excel in empowering people (employees, shareholders and customers) to fulfill on their Company’s mission.
* Designing Organizations to drive and sustain growth from short term to long term performance.
* Coaching/Consulting business owners, executives, & managers in rapidly taking their performance and effectiveness to unprecedented new levels.
* Transforming successful businesses to enter and/or create new markets and business models

* Structuring and implementing profit and value driven mergers and acquisitions.

* Creating quantum leaps in sales & profits (in any economy)
* Developing sales teams to consistently exceed industry standards

* Creating and implementing flawless sales and marketing strategies

* Creating and implementing effective, efficient and client-generating Marketing and Social Media


* Global Freedom, LLC (Carolina Aramburo Coaching) – CEO/Chairwoman, Senior Executive Coach & Co-owner - Responsible for certification of all coaches

- Developer of ever-expanding coaching tools and methodology

- Creator of strategic, sustainable partnerships

* Landmark Forum Leader – Landmark Education Corp.

- One of only 50 Global Public Speakers & Performance Coaches (Owners) of the most elite coaches in the world (requiring 7 years of meeting top ratings in company).

- Developed, Trained, Coached and Managed executives, leaders, management, and teams throughout the organization globally to consistently exceed performance.

- Developed, Trained, & Coached customers one-on-one, and in multiple sized groups (1000+), in performance in their careers and/or businesses (CEOs of companies, entrepreneurs, executives, etc.) and in their personal lives (relationships, finances, sports, etc.).

- Responsible for complete sales results of all Seminars led

- Responsible for results of 4 Sales & Operations Centers located in the US and 1 in London.

- Led 3 ½ day Performance seminars globally for 26 days per month, to nearly 1,000,000 people, producing consistent, proven, extraordinary results in people’s lives, businesses and productivity.

- Lead seminars to Harvard Business School

- Led 3 hour Sales Presentation seminars that consistently produced $120K+ in Sales (average sale $425)-

- Exceeded company’s Exceptional Rating of 21% consistently (average 24%)

*Assistant Center Manager for Florida
Accountable for producing over a 5% increase in all departments Responsible for recruiting and training 3 staff members to replace the position Registration Manager for Florida – Landmark Education Corp. Responsible for Marketing & Sales of LEC’s cornerstone course throughout the State of Florida Turned around the State of Florida and continued to have it excel (17 prior managers failed) Jumped sales in State of Florida from 520 to 1200 sales in 1 qtr. (continued to expand each month for 3.5 years) Hit and exceeded Sales target for 97% of the weeks employed in job over 3.5 years. (World record) Developed, Trained & Coached Leaders, Staff, Management, and customers throughout State of Florida Led Seminars, Workshops, and Presentations weekly, producing extraordinary results in performance for customers Produced over $1 M in sales (average sales over time $400) In House Business Consultant – YouRConnection, Inc.

In House: Business Consultant – Executives, Management Managing Company – 3 ¼ X profits in 1 quarter Turned around negotiations with Columbia in two days, which resulted in bringing the company consistent business for 2 years Took Guatemala operation from small operation to being headquarters of operations Sales Trainer – one-on-one training of managers & executives Marketing Trainer – Group Training Owner/ Distributor – Herbalife Awarded for recruiting the most people globally, consistently quarter after quarter Award for fastest movement in organization (6 levels in 6 months) Became Millionaire distributor in 6 months (sales of $1M + consistent quarter after quarter) Award for most sales in Brazil – expanded – from Rio to San Paolo + throughout Brazil Bolivia – opened Herbalife in Bolivia to 300 distributors in 9 cities – took profits from $0 to $800K Expanded South American distributors to Miami Developed, Trained, Coached Entire Bolivia operations (Sales, Marketing, Ownership) Sales – Toyota, Bolivia National Award for person who had most corporate subscribers (Lifetime Service Memberships) 1st place in sales for corporate fleet contracts (103 contracts – 2nd place was only 7 contracts) Manager of Internet Marketing

EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE : * Universidad Mayor de San Simón – began taking college credits at age of 9 while still attending Loyla * High School – Cochabamba, Bolivia – Studied Business Admin, Marketing, Sales, Psychology, Business Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology for Communities & Computer Science, statistics

* Bachelors: Spanish Literature & Writing (Emphasis in Business Writing & Journalism) * Masters Degree: Mathematics & Science

Equivalent to Doctorate in Behaviorism (Ontology) – Landmark Education (7 year highly advanced program. Less than 70 people have successfully completed this training in the past 40 years) Trained by Top 20 Social Media Company in all aspects of Social Media (Marketing, Sales and Technology) ADDITIONAL HONORS & AWARDS

AS A LANDMARK FORUM LEADER : * Top 5 Overall Producer * Broke World Record for Highest Sales for Seminars * Set World Record for Highest Seminar Sales * Set World Record for Highest Guest Attendance at Sales Event and Highest Sales at Guest Event * Top 5 Producer in Sales for Special Sales Events * As a Registration Manager for the Florida Center at Landmark Education: * Top 3 worldwide on all measures – Highest per quarter increase worldwide * Moved Florida Center from # 5 to #3 worldwide – 240% increase in Florida Center Profits * 208% Increase in Outside Sales Introduction events * 207% Increase in Outside Sales

* Fastest movement in the organization & became a Millionaire distributor (6 levels in 6 months) * Most sales in Brazil and Bolivia

TOYOTA : * National Award for the person who had most corporate subscribers (Lifetime Service Memberships) * 1st place in sales for fleet contracts

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